About Us

Miss Kinky Curls Hair Oil Products

 I am a mum working from home with two kids who has always had a passion for hair care, whether it be hair products or hair styles. I’ve tried many different hair care products over the years, however most were not tailored to my particular hair type and texture.

This inspired me create my own homemade hair care products using only 100% organic ingredients with no added chemicals of any sort. I’ve chosen particular carrier oils that encourage healthy hair growth while having the ability to provide the necessary nutrition’s that benefit the growth and overall health of the hair. 

We are a new business, specialising in all organic homemade hair care products. The natural ingredients (100 % organic, carrier and essential oils) are fused together to create products with the following properties

  • Provide nourishment to the hair
  • Moisturize hair as well as locking in moisture
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Strengthen hair follicles
  • Reduce breakage
  • Strengthen the roots
  • I started making hair products in 2019 and later established my online business in 2020.

Since then I’ve received fantastic growth locally with an amazing and ever growing following from all over the country. We sell our fantastic products around the world and are so proud to be an Australian company based in the city of Townsville in beautiful tropical North  Queensland.

The reason I created these products was because there were limited number of products that can be used to benefit people with my hair type/texture (type 3a-4c hair type, curly, kinky, afro). This hair types are ones of the driest (due to the hair texture being to coily /curly for the natural sebum to travel down the hair shaft) which makes it harder to manage and easier to experience breakage. I wanted to create products that has no sulfate, no parabens and no silicon only 100% organic ingredients that helps to overcome these issues and further encourage people to love their hair natural hair.